Custom Coin Projects

We have developed exclusive Numismatic Programs for our customers. Our coin programs and single coins are performing extremely successful in various markets around the globe. We at Numiscom develop ambitious technical innovations for coins and packagings to offer our customers and partners successful products:


  • Shaped medals and coins that make use of custom-built tooling and special die design. This gives them exactly the unique shape you need
  • Cut-Out coins and medals, cut with state of the art laser and water-jet.
  • Coins with inserts (3D statuettes, crystals, glass, wood, meteorite fragments and much more)
  • We offer coins in medals minted from all metals: base metals, transition metals (Titanium), precious metals gold and silver
  • We supply any desired qualities and of course, we offer wide variety of presentation cases and custom designed packaging.


Please contact our team to discuss the technical and graphic solutions for your product idea!